Mindsets Of A Modern Job Seeker

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Have you ever wondered why some job seekers float through their careers with ease? They get job offers and they never even applied. They seem to hear about job openings before they're ever posted? These people are not special, they have different mindsights about their long term career and they work in the short term very different tactics than 95% of all the candidates looking for work right now. 

Stop playing the game: 

  • Stop applying to role after role with absolutely zero connections inside the employer
  • Stop rewriting your resume over and over again just to have it spit out by applicant tracking software
  • Stop waiting for alerts to pop on job boards at the same time 1,000 other people get the same alert. Instead hear about postings from your network that have not even gone up yet. 

Play a different game: 

  • Learn the long game strategies that form strong relationship with your network
  • Learn the short game tactics that active your network in a powerful way. 
  • Learn the long game strategies that take your job interview to a whole new level
  • Learn the short game techniques that improve your job interview skills the most when you need it the most.
  • Get recommendation for the best tools that I have found to work the best at:
    • Writing your own resume
    • Practicing for a job interview