How To Knock Any Job Interview Out of The Park With Frank Blake

Frank Blake has experienced more in life than most. He served as an army captain in Iraq and was awarded the Bronze Star. After his tour, Frank hit the ground running in corporate America where he gained leadership positions in Fortune 15 companies, non-profits, universities, and start-ups. It was in those positions that Frank developed his knack for selecting, training, and developing the most talented members of high-performance teams. Armed with nearly 20 years of successful experience teaching individuals Frank decided to launch a course so he could impart his wisdom to even more job seekers around the world. 

If his course were a book, this interview would be a synopsis found on the back cover or inside flap. Frank delivers with specific examples from his own life and actually gets into some of the themes that he teaches in the course. Listening will inspire you to prepare because, as we learn in the interview, the more prepared you are going into an interview, the more confident you will be in it.  

As a veteran himself, and in light of this year’s Veteran’s day, Frank is also offering the course 100 percent free to veterans. Simply fill out the contact form on Frank’s page informing Frank of your status, and you’re in.